Which of these Bodies is responsible for issuing Expatriate quota to Companies?

  1. Nigerian Immigration Service
  2. Corporate Affairs Commission
  3. Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission
  4. Securities and Exchange Commission

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  1. Non of the above option issue Expatriate Quota although they have their various role played in acquisition of the quota.
    Expatriate quota is issued by ministry of interior

  2. None of the above options. The reason is that ‘expatriate quota’ which is an approval granted to companies (foreign owned and indigenous) for foreign employees and business owners to work in Nigeria is granted by the Federal Ministry of Interior. The Nigerian Immigration Service comes in with regard to to expatriate quota in administration to ensure compliance with the requirements and the companies granted expatriate quota make periodic returns to the Service. Also, note that the Nigerian Immigration Service grants residence permit by virtue of Section 37 of the Immigration Act, 2015.

  3. The Citizenship and business department of the ministry of interior is in charge of processing and issuing expatriate quota. The Nigeria Immigration Service however is an agency under the ministry of interior

  4. Non of the above. Expatriate quota is issued to companies by the Minister of interior. The Nigeria immigration service, though an agency of the ministry of interior, is not directly charged with the responsibility of issuing expatriate quota. The department charged with the responsibility of issuing and processing expatriate quota is the Citizenship and business department of the ministry of interior.

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