The second competition on George Etomi Courtroom Mail Business Law Prize for Young Lawyers has opened

The competition named after one of Nigeria’s well known business lawyers and the first Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law was instituted by Courtroom Mail in 2019 to encourage young lawyers who may be interested in business law practice.

The competition is open to all young Lawyers in Nigeria of seven years and below post call.

The winner usually takes home business law books worth a hundred thousand Naira but this year’s edition will pay the winner a cash prize of N100, 000.00 (One hundred thousand Naira), in view of the circumstances Covid-19 must have created.

The competition will be in four stages and winners at all levels will be determined according to those who answer the questions correctly starting from the first.

 The first stage has the first question (already posted) which is known as the registration question. Everyone that answers the first question on or before the 4th of July is deemed to have registered for the competition and will qualify for the second stage.

The second stage will have the second question. It will be posted at 8am on Saturday 11th of July 2020: The second stage is open to everyone who answered the registration question in stage one. The first 50 to answer the second question correctly will qualify in stage 2.

Those who qualified in Stage 2 will compete in stage 3 question (which will be posted at 8am on Saturday 18th of July 2020) and the first 15 contestants to provide the correct answer will qualify for the finals. The first to post the correct answer to the final question which will be posted at 8am on Saturday 1st of August 2020 will emerge as the winner of 2020 George Etomi Courtroom Mail Business Law Prize for Young Lawyers.

Note that, no one is allowed to join the competition after the first stage. All questions will be answered on the comment section for registered and logged in users.

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Which of these Bodies is responsible for issuing Expatriate quota to Companies?

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36 thoughts on “George Etomi Courtroom Mail business Law Prize for Young lawyers 2020- Competition opens

  1. The Nigerian Immigration Service in line with Section 36 (1) of the Nigerian Immigration Act.

  2. 1. The Nigerian Immigration Service is responsible for issuing expatriate quota to companies with the combined effect of Sections 36 and 38 of the Nigerian Immigration Act 2015, it is clear that before there can be a grant of a Work Permit, the prospective employer must satisfy the Comptroller-General of Immigration in writing of the following:

    That the person to be employed is an alien;That there exists a vacancy on the organisation’s expatriate quota which the prospective employee is intended to fill.

  3. The Nigerian Immigration Service pursuant to Section 36 (1) of the Nigerian Immigration Act.

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    We will close comments here to avoid more mistakes.
    You can go to the appropriate section to answer again/ regularise your position before the 4th of July.

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