Nigeria’s Olufunmi  Oluyede, Masko Banno from Japan and Patricia Hoet Limbourg from Venezuela  are among members of the International Bar Association (IBA) nominated into the IBA Diversity council

The IBA Diversity Council seeks to enhance inclusivity within the IBA by allowing everyone to be themselves; to celebrate differences within our membership and employees; and to value all perspectives, encouraging all members, participants and employees to fully contribute to the objectives and activities of IBA.

For many years, organisations – commercial and non-commercial- have struggled with how to increase diversity and improve inclusivity within their ranks. The motives and goals may have been consistent, but the results often are mixed. There has been criticism that the efforts are merely an attempt to be ‘politically correct’ rather than aimed to maximise profit and organisational effectiveness.

The International Bar association (IBA) aims to promote inclusivity and diversity within the profession. The IBA Diversity Council’s objective is to promote full and equal participation of all persons in the Association, its membership and its employees, and to eliminate discrimination and bias within the IBA.

Thorough research, however, has made a demonstrably strong case that a diverse organisation performs better. In a related document, the Diversity Council is providing a survey of relevant research that articulates how diversity improves decision making, problem solving, creativity, innovation and flexibility. The research substantiates how and why diverse groups of decision-makers outperform non-diverse groups. As one study concluded, ’diversity facilitates friction that enhances deliberation and upends conformity’.

Other members of the council are Sarah Hutchinson, Carola Van den Bruinhorst, Laura Christa, Jon Grouf, Ronnie Hayward, Lise Lotte Hjerrild, Jack Husbands, Tony Hyams-Parish, Ulrikke Krogbeck, Fiona McLeod , Kieran Pender, Leonardo J Raznovich, Klaus Reichert, Claudio Visco, Chris WatsonO


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