Due to the forthcoming NBA national elections, lawyers have argued about the morality and justification of adoption of candidates by zonal bodies and NBA branches. Funke Adekoya, SAN, shares her thoughts on the adoption of certain candidates and the attitudes of the various branches to lawyers who intend to vote against their adoptions.

She said: There is more. If you don’t support the adoption of your zone, you are seen as a “traitor”. When DASAN came to see me late last year, his position was that I should convene a meeting to agree on a “consensus” candidate (I.e de facto adoption)I refused because as I told him I thought Ajibade was the best candidate and so I was already partial and could not act in the role he requested. I also reminded him that in 2014 Chief Akintola SAN had indicated he would withdraw for me if DASAN did likewise. However DASAN had refused to step down for me on the ground that in 2020, he would be too old to contest again and 2014 was his last chance. Also God had told him that he would be elected. Btw, I am his elder in age and told him 2014 was also my “last chance”. I thank God that He had other plans for me as seen by my unsolicited appointment to the World Bank Sanctions Board in November that year.

Funke Adekoya, SAN

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