The cross examination of PW2 continued today in the case of EFCC against Paul Usoro ,the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) who is being tried for receiving his professional fees for briefs delivered for Akwa Ibom State governor.

The PW2 during cross examination admitted that during investigation of the case,via a letter dated 5th of June 2018,the defendant provided a detailed account of his relationship with the Akwa Ibom State regarding legal work done and the said letter which would have helped the case of the defendant was neither tendered in evidence nor included in the proof of evidence. On further cross examination,he also admitted that he was never in doubt that the defendant indeed provided legal services for Akwa Ibom State Governor. He said that because he had no doubt that the defendant did matters for Akwa Ibom State Governor,he did not bother to obtain the records of proceedings.

The witness acknowledged during cross examination that the other lawyers in the cases were brought in by the defendant and therefore it was the duty of the defendant to pay them and had the discretion to pay in any manner he decides through his earnings.
One of the Lawyers brought in by the defendant who helped the defendant recruit some Akwa Ibom state based Lawyers who were involved in the briefs was the Attorney General of Akwa Ibom State. The EFCC has alleged that 65million was given to him by the defendant who said that it was for the settlement of the local lawyers he recruited for the defendant.

On further cross examination as to whether he investigated if the money was indeed disbursed to some Lawyers,he said that the AG refused to appear to be investigated. On a further question by the defendant’s counsel,the witness told the court that the EFCC does not need any form of authorisation to obtain a suspect’s statement of account and when the defendant’s counsel asked him why he did not seek the Attorney General’s account statement which will show the beneficiaries of the fund since they were unable to get hold of him,he admitted that he obtained it but like in the letter of 5th of June, did not tender it nor include it it in the proof of evidence. He also said that he could not remember if he confirmed whether the AG made payments to the Lawyers he recruited.

The PW2 could not conclude his evidence today. The court adjourned to resume hearing tomorrow 4th of December as more findings will be made as to why the EFCC excluded the letter dated 5th of June 2018 and the statement of account of the Attorney General.