Much as everyone will be very glad( and I am particularly)at what happened today with the announcement of the order from the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mallam Abubakar Malami SAN directing the DSS to release the duo of Sambo Dasuki and Omoyele Sowore, we should re-emphasize the fact that they have just complied with the extant orders of the court which they have hitherto being in breach thereof. Dasuki and Sowore were not in need of administrative bail from the DSS which would have fitted perfectly with this news of the Federal government ordering that the duo be released. What we know is that the duo have been granted judicial bail at various times and having perfected and complied with their bail conditions, the DSS decided to keep them in their custody in clear breach of the orders of the court. Several voices have spoken in favour of obedience to these court orders to no avail until today when they have decided to comply with the orders of the court. Good and right step even though belated.
We sincerely thank all both local and international well wishers who insisted that the Federal Government of Nigeria must obey the orders of the court as we are still in democracy as they have sworn to uphold the provisions of the constitution and laws of the land when they came in. I will expect the prosecutors to expedite action in the prosecution of the duo to bring to an end this inglorious incidence of violations of citizens’ rights that have painted the country in bad light. I also advise that if their charges cannot be sustained by the evidences provided after investigation by the DSS, their trial should be discontinued immediately by the Office of the Attorney General, and they should be allowed to go home to rejoin their families. I further urge the government at all levels to respect the rule of law and obey court order as that will be in the interest of the present government in particular and Nigeria in general. I also appeal that they should comply with any other pending order/s of the court that is yet to be complied with by both the States and Federal government respectively.
It shall be well with Nigeria!
Monday O. Ubani Esq(MOU)
Legal Practitioner.

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