By The Fernist

Dear Mr. Ikwuazom,

I got to know you in the first year I moved into Lagos. I met you at the Lagos Court of Arbitration in 2017 during an Arbitration competition. You stood up to introduce yourself make a point during the session. It was love at first sight (no homo).

Since I saw you, I made up my mind that I wanted to be your friend.

I would later find out that you were running for the office of Chairman of Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association and, as you would expect, the idea appealed to me.

Since then, we have related. My respect for you has grown in leaps and bounds. Despite the fact that we have had our disagreements, I appreciate the manner you have dealt with me and others like me.

I am fortunate to have worked with you at a close range. I appreciate the opportunity. A lot of very good lessons have been learned in this time and a lot of additional respect has been earned by you on my part.

Today, you add another year. I celebrate you. I wish you growth, good health and peace of mind. You deserve great things and I wish those for you.

In the coming years, I know we will be working together. I look forward eagerly to it. You are my oga.