The contest for the president of the Nigerian Bar Association has come and gone and a winner declared.

I hereby congratulate the winners of all the elective positions keenly contested by all the contestants and would sincerely hope and pray that at this stage, all the parties would rally round and work together to ensure that the Association takes its rightful place in the society and act as a watchdog for the protection of the rights of the weak and vulnerable.

We must also as an association look into our electoral process to ensure that the current process which not only disenfranchised half of the members of the association but also refused to reflect the votes as they were cast is further reformed to make the election more credible and transparent.

It was a privilege to work and campaign for Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN whose program I believe would have taken the Association higher and place it a par with International Bars Associations’ of the world.

Once again congratulations.

Favour Njoku


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