The difference between eating and dining is versatility of the chef, the atmosphere, the ambiance the quality and nature of food put on the table.

We eat to survive, whether or not we like the food, but when we dine, we enjoy the food, savour the moment and live.
Frankly, we lawyers are tired of ‘just’ surviving.

What is on Dr. Ajibade’s table?

On Ajibade’s table, we aim to bridge the gap and foster unity amongst all calibre of lawyers. Unity is the bedrock for development ergo the sentence “United we stand, divided we fall”. We cannot possibly put something on nothing and expect it to stand. We must put our house in order so we could build a sustainable legal power house which would lead to an independent judiciary and this is where the experience of our candidate is put to action.
Dr. Ajibade moves with the intention of having all hands on deck.

Similarly, as said earlier , our table is for all and sundry. Young lawyers are often left to scavenge the carcass left by the big wigs, but Ajibade’s table ensures you take a share while the entree is sizzling hot. In addition, if you hope to win a game, you must first learn to play and in learning, you do not just read the manual, you watch it being played closely. How better than to be taken under the wing of an altruistic lawyer as a mentor?
Dr. Ajibade’s enthusiasm towards young lawyers and even law students is unrivalled, the S. P. A Ajibade & Co yearly business luncheon is enough proof.

The phrase lawyers are liars stems from a misrepresentation by a minute fraction of indiscplined lawyers. We are ministers in the temple of justice, noble men serving a noble cause for noble reasons. Our table is embelished with discpline, we detest spontaneity and puny reduction, we uphold good behaviour in high esteem and understand the importance of sanction for the reputation of the many outweighs the selfish interest of the few. We are patrons of justice and morality.
Dr. Ajibade is justice personified. An advocate of discipline both at the bar and on the bench.

Dr. Ajibade is a man of vision, whose mantra reflects the equitable maxim ‘delay defeats equity’. He understands the intricacies of administration of justice and seeks to create a boundary between administration of justice and that of courts for effective dispensations of justice.

Gentlemen, welcome to the dining table.

Fatima Usman Garba Esq.

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