Carol Ajie

A Nigerian Lawyer in response to facebook ‘s frienship anniversary reminder has posted a hilarious letter to Mark  Zuckerberg. The letter which is making rounds on the internet reads as follows

Mark Zuckerberg
Chairman/CEO Facebook

Although you are indeed a genius and we all respect you but have unique ways of embarrassing me on Facebook. Now and again you celebrate Friends anniversary. Kindly leave me out of your Facebookversary.

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Stop putting my photographs with those of men on Facebook page; With Women maybe. With men you expose me to the risks of their spouses mis-reading the ‘match’ and thereby a possible physical attack launched on innocent gal. I do not go to Nigerian men, at all beyond strict professionalism. I do not want to hear that I tried to snatch somebody’s heartthrob. Not true about non-existing competition. Please Mark Zuckerberg save my good name.

Thank you!

Carol Ajie.

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