A criminal defence lawyer went to court in a full hazmat suit.

Samuel J. Rabin Jr. recently attended a sentencing hearing at a federal courthouse in Miami, Florida, in some serious protective clobber as coronavirus continue to increase in the state.

An image posted by another lawyer on social media shows Rabin wearing a a 3M hazmat suit, protective gloves, respirator mask and face shield.

Rabin was given the option to attend the hearing via Zoom but he felt that the sentencing was important and stated that he has an obligation to be there in person for the client as a client may have questions or wish to speak privately to his lawyer during proceedings or before speaking to the judge.

Social media reacts:
A lawyer with the handle David Oscar Markus tweeted: “Sam Rabin is a legend. This is what he wore to federal court today in SDFLA.”
Another US lawyer, Sara Elizabeth Dill wrote: “What a hero… Sam will forever be a legend.”
Elsewhere, Miguel M. de la O, a circuit judge for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, joked: “Would have been a nice touch if he had worn a tie on the outside of the hazmat suit.”

Source: Legal Cheek

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