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More people searched for Entertainment Law Lawyers on courtroom mail this month. On the 10th of August 2017,Courtroom mail officially launched an online listing of Lawyers open to Lawyers across Africa with the aim of creating a direct interaction between lawyers and clients on one hand and Lawyers and Lawyers on the other hand.

With the popularity of the internet ,clients are resorting to the internet to hire lawyers and seek legal advice on different aspects of the law.

The courtroom mail Find a Lawyer   was well received with many Lawyers across Africa signing up for free in the first week with Nigeria lawyers ranking highest in Numbers .

Courtroom mail  has monitored the search of visitors to the website in the past three weeks and the result puts entertainment lawyers as the most sought after in August followed by Criminal Law Lawyers and Family/Divorce lawyers.

Immigration and Company Lawyers made it also to the top five searches.

Sign up and get listed for free on the largest listing of lawyers in Africa.It is profitable

Courtroom mail is working towards the most trusted and most profitable lawyers  listing in Africa.

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