By Henry Kelechukwu Eni-Otu, Esq. (Unity Bar)

To my mind, after reading the personal letter written the Learned Silk, Awomolo, and following the narratives that have been bandied around to somewhat curry sympathy and followership to a particular candidate.

I make bold to say that in a political season, as we are currently experiencing in the NBA, different persons are usually entitled to their opinion and would usually wish to attract more support for such opinion. Chief Awomolo SAN’s opinion should be respected to the extent that it does not impose on anyone of us the restriction of expressing or holding our divergent political views.

His letter, though may not be unconnected with the slogan of some of my colleagues seniors and friends, that is the slogan of SANs have failed us, let us go with a none SAN, as though to say that the occupation of the NBA Presidential sit, is one usually done collectively rather than individually. If indeed any person who may have occupied the seat of President of the Bar, did so with the title of a SAN, and failed, which I agree to a greater extent, that does not in any reasoning mean that SANs have failed us. I am a young lawyer, I have followed the NBA politics and service to a large extent, but I agree that the Bar would be the better for it, when all strata of its membership are united in one force towards the actualization of her dreams. I cannot therefore stand the detesting campaign slogan of blackmailing the echelon of our profession on the side of the Bar, which is attaining the privileged and enviable status of a SAN, as I wish to attain same in due course. I can therefore not disparage same, I would therefore call on all asundry, to put aside this unnecesary sentiments, and collectively vote and support Dr. Ajibade SAN, for I indeed believe that the status of a SAN is indeed a strength rather than a weekness. Dr. Ajibade SAN remains the answer, enough of this propaganda to expliot an individual’s personal opinion to cause bad-blood. I continue to resolutely stand and support Dr. Ajibade SAN