Judgement has been reserved in the case of EFCC and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN),Joseph Nwobike for 30th of April 2018 and the legal community is waiting impatiently to see how it goes.

As the wait continued, news broke out that the father of the Judge handling the matter has been put under pressure by Senior Lawyers to influence her daughter to deliver a favourable Judgement in favour of the SAN.

Courtroom MAIL Investigations moved to the field to make some findings and discovered that it was an impossible claim and indeed fake news.

According to a family source interviewed by  Courtroom MAIL,the father of the Judge in question,died on the 8th of January 2002 a day after his 91st birthday and was buried the following day on the 9th of January.

Courtroom Mail was also informed that even if the Judge’s father was alive,it will still be impossible to pressure him because he had called a family meeting  when the Judge was appointed and warned everyone to stay away from the Judge in terms of taking any problems to her that will make her compromise her duties or use it to influence favours.

The source further informed Courtroom Mail that the Judge’s mother passed on 41 years ago,sometime in April 1977.

Lawyers have been reacting to the news and have unanimously passed a vote of confidence on the Judge who they refer to as an impeccable Judge saying that Senior Lawyers are not sorcerers so cannot interact with the dead.

Many see the news which broke out in many online news media as an attempt to put the Judge under pressure in deciding the controversial case against the SAN.

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