The Department of State Services has in Enugu state detained a Mrs. Marian Emmanuel, her baby and her husband- Mr. Emmanuel Nkanu over a commercial transaction which went sour.

On October 3, 2019, Mrs Emmanuel was arrested and assaulted along with her six month old baby and husband by men and officers of the Department of State Security over a business between her and a certain Mr. Kingsley Ugwuodo involving investments in Longrich Bioscience Network Marketing; a legitimate and legal, ongoing commercial concern with emphasis on the research, development, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and healthcare products in which Mrs Emmanuel is a team leader and Mr Kingsley is a team member.

The arrest took place at Bon Sunshine Hotel, Enugu, during a Longrich sensitization event with over 200 people in attendance, and the guest speaker, Barrister Amblessed was also arrested before they all were later granted bail on same day.

Mrs Emmanuel’s vehicle was also held in custody as detention until she can repay monies which were voluntarily invested by Mr. Kingsley Ugwuodo in Longrich, a matter which she has no power over.

Mr Kingsley said that he wanted to see more benefit from the business before he introduced other people to the business; then later, he requested that Mrs Emmanuel should, as a matter of fact, help him sell off the products to get back his money but this was impossible as it is not the Longrich business model.

It was gathered by Courtroom Mail that Mr Kingsley’s need for the money was because he needed funds for his wedding as he had not yet gotten a white gown for the bride but he had invested over three million Naira in Longrich.

Mr and Mrs Emmanuel have commenced a Fundamental Rights Enforcement suit at the High Court of Enugu state through their lawyer Ikeazor Akariwe of Lex Rehoboth Partners.

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