By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Special Birthday Tribute to a Legend

This a Special Birthday Tribute to one of the Philosophers Kings in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the altruistic dogged and persevering Dr. Ehiogie West Idahosa Esq., who once posited in the House of Representatives thus:

“This Statement has made this Respected House to be viewed with Odium and Opprobrium by well meaning Nigerians”.

With this Aphorism, Dr. Ehiogie West-Idahosa etched his name in the Hall of Fame in the House of Representatives as he transcended the House as a Young, Effervescent, Charismatic, effective and efficient Federal Legislator, who was one of the Trail Blazers of the 1st2nd and 3rd Sessions of the House of Representatives in the Fourth Republic and where he was Chairman of the House Committee of Petroleum and Interior among other high flying duties and from where he took Legislative Activism and Advocacy to an unparalleled pedestal.

Dr. Ehiogie West Idahosa’s debonair and congenial dispositions have endeared him to persons of all ages, creed and class as he treats the speaker the same he treats the Speaker, an unusual savoir faire, which has made him a permanent feature in Nigeria ‘s Political Firmament since the return to Democracy in Nigeria in 1999.

It is quite unusual for a successful politician who is a Lawyer to have an equal measure of success in Legal Practice. West Idahosa & Co. has been the major force in the complex litigations between the APC and their Rivals before and after the Edo State 2020 Governorship Elections and the Law Firm with Offices in Lagos, Abuja and Benin has grown in leaps and bounds, with Dr. Idahosa being mentioned among the class of Lawyers with the highest reputation and distinction in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Happy birthday to you sir, the Cicero of Politics and Law. Indeed, the gods through you have sent one of them to live among us.

There are greater years ahead, sir!