Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D, Legal Practitioner, International Consultant, Mediator and Arbitrator, has endorsed Ganiat Adetutu Siyonbola for the office of first Vice President at the NBA elections scheduled to hold at the end of this month. In his words:

Her cool team-playing mien is very commendable. This is a great plus beyond the experience she has garnered over time serving the NBA Lagos Branch thrice on the Executive, as well as twice at the NBA National Level. She served with probity and integrity on those assignments.

In addition to her strong experience of working in teams to achieve that puts her way ahead of competitors, is the gender consideration that can only aid the realization of qualitative and balanced leadership at the NBA. A vote for Siyonbola is a positive statement of support for a very capable and functional Bar.

Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D
Legal Practitioner, International Consultant, Mediator and Arbitrator.