In the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to communicate with you via emails and texts, and encouraged you to join me in building a better and UNITED BAR.
You have read and, perhaps, responded. I apologise for the inconvenience my frequent emails may have caused you.
The elections are billed to take place in less than 48 hours.
If you have not yet read my manifesto, please do so. I have highlighted a clear pathway for a UNITED BAR that works for us all.
A summary of my plan involves addressing three key issues, the welfare of the legal professional, the dysfunctional state of our justice sector and regulation and self-discipline. I believe if we address these fundamental issues, we will be able to reverse the downward trend in the profession.
I believe that real significant change is not achieved by noise and bluster but by courteous and constructive engagement with all those who have a stake in the advancement of the legal profession in Nigeria. I am an incurable optimist and one with abiding faith in the ultimate reasonableness of every human being when confronted with rational and reasoned positions that are devoid of personal interest, but that are advanced for the common good.
It is as a result of these convictions that I am confident that real change can be achieved and that we can move the dial forward substantially to restore some of the lost glory of the legal profession in Nigeria.
I am grateful for the opportunity to present my manifesto to you, my colleague in the Nigerian legal profession. I urge you to give me the opportunity to contribute my quota to improving the lot of our profession and of those of us that practice it.
Vote for me as President of the Nigerian Bar Association, let us build a Bar that we will all be proud of.
Let’s do better.