Dear Colleague,

Women have come a long way in the legal profession in Nigeria. They have made great advancements. But we are clearly not where we would like to be. There is a lot of ground to cover still.

For example, what is the ratio of women in NBA appointments? Is it anywhere close to the ratio of women who are members of the NBA relative to men? What is the state of our work environment? How many of our law firms provide creches for our nursing mothers so that they can look after their children whilst at work?

How many of our law firms provide women with flexible working hours so that they can work as well as meet their obligations to their families? How many of our Courts have conveniences that women can use?

What about the big elephant in the room? What about sexual harassment? What about the fact that women are being molested and many a time feel like they are not in a position to complain?

The NBA must address all these issues.

What is my plan?

My plan is to work actively with the NBA Women’s Forum. The forum is a veritable platform to address the challenges that women face in the profession. And under its current leadership, it has been doing great things. But it needs more support. It needs the support of the NBA leadership.

We will improve the standards, the regulations and ensure that guidelines are put in place that enable women to whistle-blow when they are harassed in the workplace. We will ensure that there is greater gender inclusion in NBA appointments not just in elective offices.

Join me to make the NBA better for women.

My name is Babatunde Ajibade. I am running for the office of President of the Nigerian Bar Association.
Let’s do better.

Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, FCIArb

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