It is time our Courts go digital.

My attention was drawn to an online post informing us that Kenya’s judiciary has delivered several judgements by Skype and email and I wondered, what is stopping Nigerian Courts from delivering judgements in a similar way particularly by Skype.

I might not, at this point, advocate for the delivery of judgements by email alone but certainly by Skype.

One could argue that delivery of judgements in open Court via Skype can be done now especially by our appellate Courts without breaching the Constitution.

Delivery by Skype does not necessarily bar a litigant who chooses to, to appear in open Court in person or through his Counsel.

But what would be the point if Counsel on both sides can listen to the judgement at a specified time in their respective offices. Saves various costs and time.

Counsel can then receive a certified copy by email later or a hard copy if he so wishes.

It is not beyond the wit of man, indeed us Nigerians , to pass specific laws enabling all Courts of record to be able to do so and progress in this digital age.


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