(by udems)

Dear Mr Ogbankwa, unlike you who say you do not read me, I read everything I see, although it is not everything I read that I take or believe. ▪️Earlier today, 04/04/2020, I read your comments titled, “I deserve an unreserved apology” Ogbankwa tells Udemezue, threatens Legal action and published on www.barristerNG.com, and on some other news platforms. ▪️The only portion that I find interesting (and worthy of my reply) in your said comment is this:

”I deserve an unreserved apology from Udems for his defamatory remarks on my person, failure of which I will take all legal remedies available to me to Protect my name, reputation and image, which I have garnered over the years as and which I will guard jealously, with all legal arsenal at my disposal.”
▪️Dear Mr Ogbankwa, your threat has just reminded me of a certain group in the days of General Sani Abacha’s military presidency: Youths Earnestly Ask For Abacha (YEAA).
▪️According to Wikipedia, “Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha was a campaign formed in 1997 to urge General Sani Abacha to self-succeed and run for Nigeria’s presidency in 1998. The YEAA campaign, led by Daniel Kanu, had placed billboards around the country, publicized advertisements in the media and sponsored editorials to encourage support for Abacha.” (see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youth_Earnestly_Ask_for_Abacha). ▪️With your threat, the YEAA is now changed to, replaced by, a new group, but for a different project, known as: Udems Earnestly Beg For this Case (UEBC) ▪️Accordingly, my Learned friend, Mr. Douglas Ogbankwa, I can’t wait to expose those who go about presenting other people’s ideas as theirs, because that exactly is what you did in your comment/article under reference; after reading my 2018 work, and seeing the suggestions I made therein, you went wrote to repeat my own ideas without any reference to me. ▪️In other words, Mr Ogbankwa, in your comment published on April 03, 2020, you had presented my ideas as if they were yours ▪️That’s plagiarism by you. Yes, you committed plagiarism. QED. ▪️I say no more on this but would eagerly wait to cross the bridge with you, on getting there. ▪️But, for God’s sake, did this Government lockdown over COVID-19 happen? Because, I am certain that if not for the lockdown, you would have commenced the action now. Ohh!!!!
I just can’t wait.
Sylvester Udemezue

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