Dr. Babatunde Ajibade has advised lawyers to build capacity while at home by improving their skills and qualifications during the COVID-19 lockdown which will give most workers some free time. He recommended courses and trainings online which may be particularly beneficial to lawyers. His full statement reads:

Dear Colleagues,

I understand that times are hard. We are all struggling with this new #COVID-19 imposed lifestyle of staying at home. It isn’t easy but we can take advantage of this time to do things we did not have the time to do before.

One way we can make this time count is to take one or more of 450 free Ivy League University Courses available online. The courses range from intellectual property to data science, programming, social sciences, and so on.

A list and links to these courses can be found at bit.ly/39rgJUG.

I hope we find this useful during this time.

Once again, I urge us all to obey the various regulations and guidelines put in place for our safety at this time. The situation is only temporary. #COVID-19 will be defeated eventually.

We have all done well. Let us do even better.

Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, FCIArb.

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