AB Mamoud

AB Mahmoud has emerged the winner of the Courtroom mail poll held from the 17th to 24th of July 2016.Barely five days to the election,the poll shows that AB Mahmoud has 62% popularity among those that participated in the poll while JK Gadzama has 35% popularity with a total votes of 134 out of the 378 people who participated.2% of the participants were undecided.

The poll was an open poll targeted at Lawyers across the country aimed at testing the popularity of the candidates.

Apart from the popularity test,a low level of apathy can be deduced which will likely affect the election result on the 30th and 31st of July.

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23 thoughts on “Courtroom mail NBA election polls-Winner emerges

  1. Why is the undecided vote represented in percentage while that of the candidates are in numbers? I suggest you need to remedy this and measure everything in one scale.

  2. Hello Sagir,thank you for your comment.
    The percentage shows when you hover/click your cursor on any of the options.
    Thank you

  3. J-K is the preferred and most suitable candidate.

    If you think otherwise, I advise you ponder on your decision more.

  4. Anthony Atata well done for setting up this poll, please provide some background on the process for this poll for us to know the weight to attach to the poll result.

  5. Jk Gadzama is the man that have my vote whether poll or no poll.
    I stand with him and vouched for the unflinching support of my classmates and friend because he have the interest of the entire Bar at heart.

  6. Editor,

    This is a good concept.
    However, kindly explain your methodology.

    How is it that, of the 13 lawyers who indicate their preferences on the platform, 12 of them or 92% voted JK while your total tally is indicating differently? The tally does not seem to follow the APPARENT TREND.

    Best regards

  7. I am voting and campaigning for J.K. GADZAMA,SAN. As a bar Activist; I know JK as a passionate barman.

  8. J-K’s record of being a consummate bar man who has and is still empowering lawyers both young and old cannot be disputed. A vote for J-K is therefore a vote for the future of the Bar. Use your franchise wisely dear learned colleagues.

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