Courtroom Mail has launched an online notice board to help disseminate information about court sittings among litigation lawyers.

Following the directive of the Chief Judge of Lagos to the registrars of court to notify lawyers 48hours to their cases when a court wouldn’t not sit.

Courtroom Mail understands that the execution of the directive may become a challenge thus the launch of the online notice board which will provide a central platform for lawyers in Lagos to access such information.
The online notice board is named after Tolani Rafiu who four years ago came up with an idea of a whatsapp group of lawyers and Court registrars which has been disseminating this information among lawyers. The service has been excellent save for the limitations of whats app .

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Courtroom Mail anticipates that lawyers will be checking the notice board named Tolani Rafiu Notice board to ascertain the status of courts before going to court.

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Lawyers in Lagos have over the years struggled with the problem of notifications from court. It has become commonplace for lawyers in Lagos to depart their homes by 4:30am for court (depending on where they live and the division they are appearing) only to get to court and discover that the court wouldn’t sit. This can be depressing and can reduce the life expectancy of lawyers in Lagos

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