Courtroom Mail has officially launched a Law Events Calendar on its website.

According to Otedola Owa, the Managing Editor of Courtroom Mail, the idea is to have a one stop destination where law events happening across Africa will be listed on one page.

Among other things, this will help conference planners/committees in choosing appropriate dates for their events and reduce the possibility of clashes with other major law events.
It will also help lawyers who are interested in attending law events to select and plan towards those events.

Courtroom Mail, with a huge followership in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botwana, Zambia and a few other African countries, will unite all law events happening in the Continent, to keep lawyers informed on happenings and help law event planners promote their events.
The events cover conferences, workshops, seminars, retreats, dinners, sports events, parties, etc.

Events from the Law Society of Kenya, Nairobi branch; Law Tech Summit in Lagos; End of Year Dinner of the Law Society of Swaziland; Emerging Technologies and the Law in Kenya; and Health Walk of the Surulere Lawyers Forum have already been listed.

The Calendar may be seen at