Yesterday at Federal high court Abuja:

Mr A the Accused who was charged at Justice Taiwo’s court in Abuja for possessing cannabis was called to make allocutus having pleaded guilty.

Lucius Nwosu SAN seeing defendant had no lawyer applied for leave to plead allocutus for the accused.

1st point: the charge classifying a Class C drug as cannabis with a Class A drug as Cocaine makes the charge baseless.

2nd point: given the non commercial quantity found on him which costs N2,500, it will cost the govt more than N2500 to feed him in prison if sent to jail.

3rd point: chances that the man might learn other vices in prison makes a long sentence antisocial.

4th point: in Netherlands and some states in USA, it is not a crime to possess and smoke cannabis

5th point: Even my learned friend Gov. Akeredolu has advised the govt to legalise cultivation of cannabis to aid revenue. Court refuses to put down this point.

He finally urged the court to exercise restraint in punishing accused. Nwosu recommended a light fine of N2,500.

Court advised Paul Usoro, SAN who was also in court and is the current NBA President to look into the amendment of the Indian Hemp Act which it considers obsolete.
Mr. Usoro agreed to look into it.

Court in its sentence agrees that the act is minimal and sentences accused to 4 months in prison with an option of fine of N20,000.

Lucius Nwosu SAN and Paul Usoro SAN raised the 20k fine money for the accused and the accused went home a free man this evening.

This drama happened and was tweeted by Muna Mike via Twitter.

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