This weekend, lawyers from across the country will descend on Lagos and bully the poor city with various activities. Many lawyers every year look forward to the Annual General Conference( AGC) because of its rich contents . Unverified statistics have revealed that more than 70% of lawyers attend the AGC more to socialise rather than to listen to boring topics,themes and sessions where lawyers are expected to form serious while listening.The Technical Committee on Conference Planning( TCCP) has released the schedule for collection of conference materials. Some lawyers who possibly do not have any plans of making heaven are asking a very important question; Which conference material exactly?

So I have decided to clarify the clear difference between Conference Materials and Conference Materials. The difference is clear.

Aduke wishes to let you know that the major difference you should know before we begin, is that, while one is a TCCP conference material,the other is a conference delegate conference material. If you plan on making heaven, discontinue reading now. Don’t say Aduke didn’t tell you.

So below are the major differences between a conference material and a conference materials

  1. While the TCCP has the duty of sharing conference materials, delegates have a duty to secure their own conference materials.

2. Conference materials are usually useful during the morning sessions while conference materials are usually useful after the sessions until dawn.Sometimes while the sessions are going on sef

3. Aduke and Courtroom Mail can confirm that the TCCP distributes conference materials to delegates on arrival while delegates arrive with their conference materials or receive their conference materials after receiving their TCCP conference materials.You gerrit? If you don’t gerrit forgerabout it!

4. While TCCP conference materials expire with the conference,the other conference material can be used after the conference and can even be used in subsequent conferences.

5. TCCP conference materials are distributed to registered delegates to the conference with leave of TCCP while the other conference materials are obtained as of right.Whether you registered or not.

6. TCCP doesn’t give you a choice in the conference materials you get but you choose the other conference materials you use.

7. While you can use the same TCCP conference materials all through the sessions, you can change the other conference materials as much as you want all through the conference.Aduke and Courtroom Mail will not advice this. Not as if we advice you to do the other conference materials.

8. While the TCCP conference materials are distributed after putting everyone on notice e.g Lagos delegates will pick their materials from Booth 19,20,21 and 22 this year,the other conference material is usually conducted exparte.

9. Ofcourse ,you should know by now that the TCCP conference materials are non-living things while the other ones are living things.

10. You proudly go home with the TCCP conference materials but you don’t go home with the other conference material especially if you are married. In fact Aduke is trying to remind you of the golden rule. What happens in Vegas, stays in vegas.

11. You must wear one of the TCCP conference materials on your neck to gain access during the conference but in the other conference material, Aduke is telling you that you don’t even need to wear anything at all.

Courtroom Mail and Aduke are wishing you a safe trip to Lagos.

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