Our support for Hauwa Shekarau is necessitated upon her experience, integrity and antecedents. She is most qualified compared to her other opponents. She has a track record, capacity in every sense of the word, her exposure and leadership will avail NBA Abuja Branch (Unity Bar) opportunities, especially, for younger lawyers .

Hauwa Shekarau has indeed served and done a lot for the Abuja (Unity) Bar; building it from its foundations and seeing her days of glory, we know that if given the opportunity, she will help in restoring us our dignity as the NBA ABUJA UNITY BAR. We draw your attention to rumours and misinformation from false witnesses. Hauwa Shekarau is strong and healthy and not a stooge for anybody. We are mentioning this crucial areas because her opponents and detractors are busy campaigning using those fallacious statements founded on falsehood. Her tenacity and over qualification are being attempted to be used against her.

This is indeed an opportunity and privilege that one of the last titans that helped build the Abuja Unity Bar from its glory days can restore her dignity.
Not voting for Hauwa Shekarau will amount to us robbing ourselves of our great future, and even the unity we all seek for.
Be sincere and realistic, setting sentiments aside, who would you rather vote for?

We stand with Hauwa Shekarau as Chairman NBA Abuja Unity Bar Elections June 11, 2020.


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