Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has ordered arrest of civilians found donning attires resembling police or military uniform.

Boinnet, said criminals masquerading as security officers have been terrorising members of the public, adding that anyone found with clothing resembling that of the service men and women will be arrested and charged in court.He argued the uniforms are creating confusion amongst members of the public as to who is a genuine member of any of our security agencies.“Criminals are also known to put on such attire masquerading as police officers and terrorise members of the public. This practice must stop as it is against the law to wear clothing that have any resemblance to military or police uniforms,” he said

Boinnet said this practice must stop as it is against the law to wear clothing that have any resemblance to Military or Police uniforms.

Some of the gunmen behind the dusitD2 complex wore fatigues that resemble military’s. This could be part of the reasons the IG has made such moves.But it would be difficult as most private security companies are using uniforms resembling those of new police uniforms.The new blue police uniforms were launched on September 13, 2018 in a raft of changes that are aimed at transforming the service.The government launched the revamped police uniforms — deep blue for work, navy blue ceremonial outfit and a deep blue working dress jacket were unveiled last week — as part of the change of policy in the National Police Service.

Each of the 65,000 officers is supposed to receive a pair of uniforms. Whereas merchants used to sell each uniform at Sh3,700, the National Youth Service has agreed to sew each at Sh1,000.A team popularly known as Uniform Committee arrived at the deep blue color as the one to be adopted as working uniform by the General Duty personnel.

A member of the team said given the Administration Police is joining the Kenya Police Service it was prudent for them to be adorned with a new attire.

Source: The Standard.

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