The President of One Love Foundation has constituted a National Legal Team to sue the Corporate Affairs Commission, Christian Association of Nigeria, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and other Religious umbrella Organizations, to account for all monies they have collected as offering, tithe, zakat, sacrifice and other emoluments, annuities, payments, advantages, whether in cash or in kind as these are resources that are in the Public Purse.

Chief Patrick Eholor also known as Ultimate Equal -the President of One Love Foundation stated that Churches, Mosques and Traditional Institutions must conform to all Corporate Governance Processes as Provided for by the Company and Allied Matters Act, 2020.

Chief Patrick Eholor stated on the Matter thus:
“The Days of “Can a Man Rob God is gone ,you must provide evidence of compliance with audit and accounting protocols, when managing Public Funds. Churches, Mosques and Shrines that are registered as Incorporated Trustees in Part C of the Company and Allied Matters Act, 2020 and are therefore controlled by the Regulations of Corporate Governance as provided by all Laws in Force in the Federal Republic of Nigeria enabling same .Churches Mosques and Shrines must hold Annual General Meetings, with all their Members Present, they must have a Treasurer who must be a Trustee, who has records of the financial Transactions of the Organizations, a Secretary who must be a Trustee and a custodian of the chattels and properties of the Organizations and other Trustees who are alta algos of the Organization .”

Chief Patrick Eholor, the President of One Love Foundation stated that the days of using church, Mosques and Traditional Institutions money to build Universities in personal names of the General Overseers or Leaders of the Organizations are gone, as One Love Foundation through its Lawyers will see to the end of all legal Shinanigans and illegalities as perpetrated by demagogues on this Matter.

“The Days of reckoning are here “, Chief Patrick Eholor also known as Ultimate Equal, the President of One Love Foundation, concluded.

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