The former Chair of the Nigerian Bar Association ,Lagos has endorsed Alex Muoka,another former chair of the branch for the position of the General Secretary in the forthcoming NBA National elections.

His endorsement obtained by Courtroom Mail is as follows:


It is axiomatic that the bane of Nigerian socio-political space in general, of which the Nigerian Bar Association [NBA] is a significant stakeholder, has been the persistently faulty leadership selection processes and choices. Whilst strong institutions are crucially important, it is good men and women who are fit-for-purpose that could, and would, build those institutions. For the NBA, the Secretariat is its engine room and it is critical that care is specially taken in choosing its helmsman, the General Secretary. The occupant must have what it takes to meet the great demands of that high office.
It is for the reason that Alex Muoka unquestionably ticks all the requisite boxes that I am not only supporting him, I nominated him for election to the office. He has managed to be an outstanding lawyer whilst living a life of service to the Bar. As Secretary of the NBA Lagos Branch, apart from reorganizing the Branch Secretariat and making it palpably more efficient, he had a unique and refreshing spin to his writings that the members looked forward to reading minutes of branch meetings and reports the way John Grisham afficionados look forward to his new offerings.
Muoka went on to become Chairman of the Lagos Branch and continued with his record of excellent record of service to the Bar; bringing to the table of leadership good management of men and resources, gravitas, inclusiveness, strength of character and remarkable integrity. His cosmopolitan background and worldview also equip him well, as happened in his tenure as the Chairman of Lagos Branch, to navigate adroitly for optimum performance in the office of General Secretary of an NBA constituted of lawyers of diverse backgrounds and interests.
My dear learned friends, I have no doubt at all that the NBA would be putting its best leg forward if we elect Alex Muoka as our General Secretary in the coming elections.

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