Lori Lightfoot won nearly three-quarters of the vote in an historic run-off against another African-American woman, Toni Preckwinkle. 

“We may be strangers but in this room, in this city we are all neighbours,” the former assistant US attorney told a cheering crowd last night as she celebrated on stage with her wife and daughter.

“Now that it’s over I know that we will work together for the city that we both love. Today you did more than make history, you created a movement for change.”

The 56-year-old, who was regarded as an outside bet among the 13 initial candidates, campaigned to end political corruption and help lower-income families.

Gun crime and policing was also high on the agenda in America’s third biggest city, which is plagued by high levels of gang violence. 

“Now we’re going to take the next steps together,” she said.

“Together we can and will finally put the interests of our people, all of our people, against the interests of a powerful few,” she added.

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