A British teenager has been arrested in Cyprus and accused of making a false rape allegation against 12 Israeli men.

The 19-year-old woman was detained yesterday, 12 days after she made the original complaint. Sources on the island told local reporters that the woman had changed her statement and admitted fabricating the allegations after having consensual sex with three of the men but becoming angry when they photographed and filmed it.
Five of the men, who are aged between 15 and 18, had been released last week, including one who had taken a selfie with his girlfriend at the time at which the woman had accused him of taking part in the assault. Others were exonerated after DNA testing. The remaining seven men were released on Sunday.

The youths all denied the claim.

“Rape never took place,” one police source told Reuters.

“The alleged victim has refrained from her statement and will be charged with public nuisance for giving false testimony,” Ioannis Habaris, a lawyer for some of the youths, told Reuters TV.


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