By: Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Bridget Agbebaku Esq., means different things to different people. The U.S. Based Nigeria Lawyer,until recently was in Lagos ,engaging in Charity Work ,as much as she engaged in her Law Work .She is also a Social Crusader and a Public Affairs Analyst. She has assisted many oppressed people in Lagos where she practised Lawyer ,until her recent relocation to the United States even pro bono to get justice,some times at a point where all hope were lost for the victims .

She is one of the Administrators of the Vintage WHATSSAP Group called “The Intellectual Hub “,which comprises who is who in Nigeria and is a Forum for cross fertilisation of ideas that have profound effect on the Larger Society. In the Group,where she is Admin. ,she is a stabilizer,who is fair,but firm in her interventions ,whenever there are squabbles.

From that Platform, she has been able to galvanise many charitable causes to reach out to the less privilege and results of same abound .

In her University of Benin ,Faculty of Law Class of 2004,she is the mobolizer ,who ensures that things are done timeously , for which she has been acclaimed with this apt sobriquet-“Mummy Sun Shine “
Indeed she brings sun shine where ever she berths.

Bridget Agbebaku, as you celebrate your birthday today -the 12th of April,2020, we wish you all the best this life has to offer to you this New Year .

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