Courtroom mail wishes to inform all lawyers that the verification link is now easy to access .

Courtroom Mail recalls that the link was opened by 8pm on the 31st of July but a majority of lawyers have been unable to vote.

At exactly 17:30 pm on wed 1st of August,the link picked up and many lawyers have started the verification process

Whatsapp message posted by a lawyer in a lawyers group in reaction to the improved link states as follows

Ladies and Gentlemen,I wish to inform you that the verification has picked up.

I have done mine seamlessly(though the access code took a little time to arrive my mail)

Kindly try the process now.

It is better you use the email option to receive your code.

You will be required to set a password please use a password you can easily remember to avoid confusion on the election date.

Again,use a password you can easily  remember or save it on your phone.

I will advice that after verification,you should try to log back into your account just to confirm because that is likely to be the beginning of the voting process when the D day comes for voting.

I thank all of us for waiting.

My name is Anthony Atata,I am voting for Paul Usoro

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