Information reaching Courtroom Mail from Nairobi has it that Nelson Havi has emerged the winner in the Presidential election of the Law Society of Kenya(LSK) held today.

Mr Havi made a bid for the Presidency of the LSK election in 2018 but was disqualified on account of not reaching the statutory number of years as an advocate.

He ran under the Slogan “A brave new Bar”

He is the founder of Havi & Company Advocates a dynamic firm of young advocates who offer excellent comprehensive legal services based in Nairobi.
He contested along side Maria Mbeneka,Charles Kanjama, Harriette Chiggai.
Carolyne Kamende Daudi emerged as Vice President

Meanwhile Courtroom mail has obtained the concession statement of Charles Kanjama below:

Kanjama Concession, LSK President Elections

“I congratulate my classmate Nelson Havi on running a bold and effective campaign that has captured the confidence of lawyers across the country. I congratulate him on a race well run and, as a democrat, am happy to accept the will of the voters. On my part, I pledge to support Havi. I wish him success wholeheartedly, and urge all lawyers to do the same. We all need LSK to succeed.”

27th February 2020, at 7.15pm
Charles Kanjama
Erstwhile Candidate, LSK President, 2020-22

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