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Information reaching Courtroom mail has it that the Acting Chief Judge of Nigeria’s Federal High court has transferred ten Judges of the court .

In his communication he stated the “In view of the recent circular by the Honourable Chief Justice of Nigeria regarding the need to clear corruption and Criminal causes,I have decided to reshuffle the current posting of Judges as contained hereunder.”

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  1. Hon Justice S Saidu from Port harcourt  to Lagos
  2. Hon Justice B.B Aliyu from Yola to Portharcourt
  3. Hon Justice I.M Sani from Lokoja to Uyo
  4. Hon Justice I.L Ojukwu from Uyo to Abuja
  5. Hon Justice D.U Okoronkwo from Ekiti to Lokoja
  6. Hon Justice Agamah  from Portharcourt to Ekiti
  7. Hon Justice F.O Giwa-Ogunganjo From Abeokuta to Port Harcourt
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8. Hon Justice Adamu Turaki Mohammede- Portharcourt to Abeokuta

9. Hon Justice A.M.Z Anka from Lagos to Yola

10. Hon Justice Ibrahim Watila from Portharcourt to Abeokuta

The Judges affected by this  transfer are expected to resume in their new divisions on the 23rd of October 2017