By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

The ENDSARS Protests may have come and gone .You however should be very careful ,else your action can make you be categorized as a Protester,a Hoodlum ,a looter or a crony of the latter .It is so easy to enter into trouble ,but very difficult to come out of same .

The Following are safety checks to keep you safe from trouble during these delicate times :

1.Only be in the midst of Genuine Protesters.You Will know them by their conduct and what they say . Again, check for credible information as genuine Protesters are only in designated places ,duly recognized by the Security Architecture of State .

2.Always Avoid a Mob :A Mob is a mixed and violent crowd .Never be found in the midst of a mob , because if the mob carried out a mob action ,no matter how remotely close you are to the Mob,if you were apprehended by the police ,you will be the first suspect on cases of murder,arson attempted murder and micealleneous offences (destruction of public Property).The Police say they start from the known to the unknown.You will be dealing with the State ,my brother it is no child ‘s play .

3.Stay away from remote places at night .As a Female, avoid moving alone on lonely roads at night .There are alot of felons on the prowl and rape is now rife .When going home at night for now ,take an Uber or bolt cab,not just a regular cab.A few of these regular cab men belong to a syndicate of Criminals who could :a.Rob you ,b.dupe you and even c.Kidnap you for rituals .It is difficult to ascertain which is credible,or better still do a little background Check by being more observant and intuitive ,before you enter a regular cab.
Be very careful with a cab where you have a driver and a passenger behind the front passenger’s seat .Those are the ones that use white handkerchief to cover your nose or spray you with diabolical perfume to make you sleep for the purpose of being kidnapped for rituals .Also, avoid argument over change with a conductor when you get down from the bus in a busy bus stop , it is a ploy to distract you and get another person to steal your phone ,your bag or your belongings.Also ,avoid walking carelessly with your bag,wallet or your phone in a crowded environment,it will be snatched .Also ,do not pursue them if they snatched any thing from you , except you can cope with them, because they are armed and have killed many like that . Further more,do not roll down your vehicle carelessly in a busy junction,they will pretend like they are controlling traffic ,hit your car from one side ,while you are contending with them another takes your phone or your bag from the other side .

4.Be careful how you buy commodities and goods this period of looted palliative and vandalized shops and ware houses.A lot of looted items are out there .They could even be rebagged and rebranded.Always ask for a receipt and only purchase items with prevailing market price from a known shop or warehouse .You do not want to be involved in a case of receiving stolen goods from a violent insurrection .The State has a special interest in all Matters emanating from these Riots .

5.Do not use ATM or POS Cash Back at remote places .Avoid holding much cash at night .Be extra careful when you see too or more people moving towards you or behind you ,even during the day .

6.Retire to your house as early as possible:You do not even need to wait for the curfew ,to retire to your house .Do so while you still see day light .There are a lot of AK 47s Rifles looted from police stations out there , in possession of felons and deadly criminals .The Police is also not as visible as before .Be extra careful with your movement and ventures.We are in very dire times .Just a mistake could land you in big trouble.When you are in doubt ,you live with out .
Wish you all the best !

When Consciousness Power, Meets Powerless Consciousness ,the Result is Double Tragedy

-Dr. Franz Frannon,
Algerian Revolutionary Leader of Blessed Memory.

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