I have carefully studied the profiles of each of the NBA Presidential aspirants in 2020. I have patiently followed their campaign programs and activities, and I have spoken with quite a number of Bar leaders and Young Lawyers. Majority agree that Dr Babatunde Ajibade is the best among all the three aspirants who have been provisionally cleared to contest the NBA Presidency in 2020.

As a Bar Leader that I am, I perfectly understand the difference between desperation and grandstanding, and a genuine passion and commitment to serve the Bar through humility, diplomacy, competence, productivity, and integrity.  I see the urgent need to stop god-fatherism from rearing its ugly head within the NBA in a manner that would mortgage the hopes and aspirations of the Bar. I see the need to enthrone an aspirant who combines the power of the intellect with the drive of capacity, the value of humility, sagacity and pragmatism. Leadership is not an affair of the head, but of the heart; a leader who hopes to succeed must adopt the servant-leadership style, and not just to satisfy one`s ego.

Finally, there is an urgent need for greater unity within the NBA. We are as strong as we are united, and as weak as we are divided. We cannot continue to be separated in interest and divided in purpose; we need to stand together, because when there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt us. It takes a leader with a strong character and appeal, level-headedness and integrity, to unite people and move an association higher. DR Babatunde Ajibade has it all.

I therefore unhesitatingly endorse Dr Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, and earnestly appeal to all Nigerian lawyers to queue behind him for a more prosperous, united, and discrimination-free Bar


Senior Law Teacher,
Immediate Past Governor,
Eastern Bar Forum (EBF)

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