Peaceful #EndSARs protesters in Abuja were attacked by a mob of pro-SARS thugs on Wednesday morning, multiple eyewitnesses said.

The thugs were seen with sticks, cutlasses, and daggers attacking the peaceful protesters and destroying their cars.

“Someone had this (dagger) on his right hand with a cutlass, we had to run after him to remove the cutlass from his hand he almost struck one of our guys with this (dagger),” an eyewitness said on Tuesday.

“This is an exhibit, I am going hand it over to the security.”

Protests began last week in different parts of Nigeria over continued harassment of young people by the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad – SARS. The protestors are demanding the disbandment of the unit.

Members of the squad have been accused of crimes such as extrajudicial killings, kidnapping, extortion and intimidation.

The Nigerian Government had announced the disbandment of the unit and the formation of a new unit- SWAT to fill in some gaps that may be left by SARS.

But, despite the announcement, protests are still ongoing in different states. Many have attributed this to the public distrust of promises since there have been many failed attempts at reformation of the same body in the past years.