Mr. Ebenezer Oluwagbemiga Adedeji, another fake lawyer that was arrested today, the 5th day of August, 2020 at Itori Magistrate Court, within the jurisdiction of Ota Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association. 

The suspect has made a confessional statement where he stated that he had been wrongfully parading himself as a lawyer since the year 2010.

He also revealed in his statement that he had practiced in some notable Chambers in Lagos State.

Investigation also disclosed that this said fake lawyer went to Federal High Court to appear for a client on the same day that Mr. Olowooba who is now convicted was arrested and he wrote down his name and also stated that he was called in the year 2009 on the said day at the Federal High Court, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

However, when Mr. Olowooba was arrested, he immediately asked another lawyer to hold his brief which the lawyer reluctantly agreed to do for him but with strong suspicion as to his true identity as a lawyer. 

This curiosity by the said lawyer was further  aroused when the fake lawyer withdrew from that particular case that he was handling and returned the case file to his client. 

It was this act and the circumstances surrounding the disposition of the fake lawyer that arose the curiosity of some Ota based  lawyers who decided to lay ambush for him today at the Magistrate Court, Itori, Ogun State today where he was confronted as to his true identity as a lawyer. 

This fact was brought to the attention of the Presiding Magistrate who thereafter ordered his arrest after being satisfied that the suspect has been parading himself as a lawyer with  false identity.

The Chairman of NBA Ota, Mr. J. T. Ogunniyi Esq. in his statement “thanks members of the Utter Bar for their collective efforts in pursuing this noble goal of sanitizing our profession from quacks and charlatans in the mounds of Mr Olowooba and Mr. Ebebezer Olugbemiga Adedeji.

He further stated that with our sustained collective efforts, we shall surely succeed in sending  their ilks and allies packing out from our jurisdiction.”