The Premier Branch this Monday 10th February, 2020 holds its Monthly General Meeting with a colourful difference. The ‘Red Themed Meeting’ is designed around the powerful message of Valentine – celebrating love and fidelity.

Whilst arguments continue to rage over the exact origins of Valentine’s Day, and faiths differ as to whether and how to mark it, we must not lose sight of the important message that the season brings.

Although Valentine’s Day will be properly marked this Friday February 14, 2020, I commend the Premier Branch for this worthy initiative – as always leading by innovation and setting new bars for the hosting and conduct of Branch Meetings and Events.

Meetings of the Premier Branch have evolved over the years into well-planned productions that nourish the intellectual, artistic and stylish tastes of members. Members have come to look forward to our meetings, and visitors cherish the occasional opportunity to drop in for an insight on how to conduct impactful meetings.

Kudos to the successive leaderships of the Premier Branch for setting and improving the tone, and to the current Chairman and Officers for keeping the faith. Kudos to all members of the Branch for good and accountable followership!

See you at the Meeting, and the ‘Law of Love Cocktail’ thereafter…and do make sure to wear something RED.

(Former Chairman – NBA Lagos Branch)

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