I met Alex Muoka when I became National Financial Secretary of the NBA in 2012, but it actually feels like he has been one of my dependable mentors for over a decade.

As a National Officer, I was inspired by his articulate and erudite presentations at our NEC meetings. I observed him as the Secretary of the NBA Lagos branch and also as the Branch Chairman – in both of which positions he performed excellently well. He has built an impeccable professional reputation as a lawyer.

He is endowed with great leadership qualities such as humility, open mindedness, attention to detail, a listening ear, eagerness to help and very importantly, good oratory skills.

It is owing to these attributes of his, that I endorse Alex Nduka Muoka for the position of General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Aisha Ado Abdullahi
National Financial Secretary, 2010-2012
National Treasurer, 2016-2018

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