Young Lawyers across Nigeria have praised the Technical Committee on Conference planning(TCCP) of the Annual General conference(AGC) for reaching out to the Nigerian Law school to provide accomodation for delegates.

In various young lawyers whatsapp groups,majority have expressed their support for the Law school offer with a few joking about the fact that the three in one accomodation(which is the cheapest) will not allow them bring in their “conference materials”

Courtroom Mail could not immediately ascertain what that means as it was used with innuendos that suggest that it means something beyond the conference bags.

The accomodation which is as low as 4000naira in the Victoria Island Law school campus provides a budget and decent accomodation for delegates .Most importantly,it gives proximity advantage to the conference venue.

A senior lawyer who stayed in the law school accomodation during the 2009 AGC , expressed his surprised at the low rate after 10years and commended the TCCP for feat and urged young lawyers to take advantage of it.

The TCCP after negotiation with the law school came out with the following release.

The 59th NBA Annual General Conference Technical Committee on Conference Planning has finalized arrangements with the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus, to provide accommodation for young lawyers at very affordable rates.

The rates for the Law School accommodation are as follows:

  1. A room for 3 persons – N4, 000 per occupant per night
  2. A room for 2 persons – N6,000 per occupant per night
  3. A room for 1 person – N8,000 per night
  4. A room (en-suite) for 1 person – N10,000 per night.

For reservations please contact Mrs. Kikelomo Atere on 08115453877 or via email

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