Confusion every where on account of purported Adoptions and Counter-Adoptions. Clique Adoptions and Counter-Clique Adoptions. If is not a clique in a tribal group or cabal “adopting” a candidate, it would be a few members of an NBA Branch purportedly “adopting” a candidate. Na waaoo! What is our profession turning into?

Respected NBA members, let’s do an objective assessment and take the best decision for our future and the future of our Profession. Let’s not mortgage our future on the altar of clique adoptions or because of stomach infrastructure.

Dr Babatunde Ajibade is not being sponsored by any godfather, nor by any government, tribal group, NBA Branch or clique. So, Dr Ajibade is not beholden to any Government, Cabal, or to any Branch in particular; he is truly for ALL NBA Branches and members and, if elected your next NBA President, he would work for ALL NBA Branches and members.

Dr. Ajibade is independent, eminently capable, undoubtedly passionate, and has genuine intentions to reposition the legal profession in Nigeria.

Dr. Ajibade’s aspiration resonates with ALL — the young and the old, Seniors and Juniors, SANs and non-SANs, private and public practitioners, Branches and Branch members, and ALL. NBA needs the like of Dr. Ajibade now. Let’s look beyond stomach-infrastructure. Let’s look beyond money politics and politricks. Let’s think about our Profession. Let’s place interest of our Profession first. Those trying to buy us with money today would not be there for us tomorrow. Let’s think about the one who has made a genuine commitment to unite us and move our Profession higher. Let us take the stand that is most beneficial for all segments and members of our profession. Let’s think Dr Ajibade!

We will do better with Dr Ajibade, because he is for us all and for no one in particular.

Augustina C. Onah Esq
(Enugu Branch)

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