Adefowoke Ayo-Ponle has declared her intention to run for the office of Social Secretary to the NBA Lagos Branch . Find below her formal declaration:

Learned Seniors and Colleagues
I am Adefowoke Olubusola Ayo-Ponle , and I have declared my intention to run for the position of the SOCIAL SECRETARY of our great bar, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Lagos Branch.
Sequel to my declaration and having been cleared to run for the position of Social Secretary, I hereby with greatest sense of humility formally put myself forward to serve the prestigious Lagos bar in that capacity. I will put to bear my experience and social life as a fashion and décor enthusiast.
I am a firm believer in the well known saying of Mother Theresa that,
Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love

So, I promise to, if elected do my small part in ensuring the well being of members of this premier bar.

To assist me in this task, please find hereunder the programmes I commit to, with you AS A COVENANT, if I am honoured to get your vote, and elected to serve:

  1. I covenant to ensure the effective and professional hosting of all branch meeting in line with best practices that promote and project a positive image of the bar at all times.
  2. I covenant to liaise effectively with branch committee members in achieving a great social networking among members of the branch regardless of gender or call age.
  3. I covenant to, in conjunction with the Executive Committee of the branch organise a world class standard Retreat for members of the branch. I am a firm believer in work/life balance, and I am confident this will go a long way in helping dear colleagues find time to relax and recharge for their different work roles.
  4. I covenant to organise and encourage the involvement of branch members in sporting activities within the branch, other professional Association and other branches within the jurisdiction.
  5. I covenant, in conjunction with the branch executives, to organise movie and stage play outings in serene and conducive environment for members of the branch.
  6. I covenant to support and encourage all activities of Young Lawyers Forum, with the goal of ensuring that all members of the Forum are active participants of the Premier Bar.
  7. I covenant to deliver memorable events at the Annual General Conference of NBA for members of our great bar that will speak for this bar as primus inter pares among all bar associations in Nigeria.
  8. I covenant, in addition to the Retreat mentioned above to establish a platform for all members, particularly our senior colleagues to be more involved in the social activities of the branch to ease the stress associated with the hustle and bustle of the city.
  9. I covenant to act in accordance with the constitutional duties of the office as contained in Section 7 (7) a-c of the Uniform Bye Law 2015.
    In conclusion, I believe we can do so much together as a team with great love and high sense of responsibilities.

I hereby most humbly seek your support and vote as SOCIAL SECRETARY of this Premier Bar, NBA Lagos.

God bless the Nigerian Bar Association!
God bless our Premier Bar!!!

Adefowoke Ayo-Ponle may be reached at: or on WhatsApp via this number: 08098557254

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