This is the second quiz of the competition. You can only answer like this
Eg 1E,2F and 3E.
The first 100 participants to answer all three questions correctly will qualify for the next stage.

  1. Every public company shall within a period of …… months from the date of its incorporation,hold a general meeting of the members of the company known as statutory meeting.

A. 6months
B.12 months
C.15 months
D.18 months

2. Mr Kunle filed a case against the Nigerian Police yesterday for violating his rights in 2010.He stated in his affidavit that he did not file it since 2010 because he did not have the funds to pay a lawyer. The Counsel representing the Police has filed a notice of Preliminary objection challenging the suit that it has been affected by limitation statute. Considering the provision of limitation in the enforcement of fundamental human rights, how long does Kunle have under the law to institute his action?

3. When there are before a court affidavits that are irreconcilably in conflict on crucial facts,the court shall for the purpose of resolving the conflicting affidavits arising from the affidavit evidence,ask the parties to :

A. File a further and better affidavit
B. Address the court on points of law
C. Proffer oral evidence
D. To file a counter affidavit

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