1. Reduction of a Company’s Share Capital requires

A. An Ordinary resolution
B. A Special resolution
C. An Ordinary resolution and confirmation by the court.
D. A Special resolution and confirmation by the court.

2. In criminal proceedings,evidence of the fact that a defendant is of good character is

A. Not admissible
B. Is always admissible
C. Is admissible only when the character of the accused is a fact in issue.
D. Is admissible only when the defendant has given evidence of his character.

3. Letters of Administration in respect of the properties of deceased men of the armed forces are granted by

A. The Federal High Court.
B. The State High Court
C. Court Martial
D. The Miltary Wills and Testamentary Tribunal

Remember to answer like this 1E,2F,3E

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    The answers to the above questions are
    1: D

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