Courtroom Mail has announced the opening of the 2020 Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Prize for female Lawyers.

This year’s competition will be the second ever and it is open to all Nigerian female lawyers who are seven years and below post call (i.e those called in or after 2014).
The competition will be in four stages. Participants are expected to answer the first question which is the registration question; this has been posted on the quiz menu of Courtroom Mail. Participants have from 16th of March 2020 to 30th of March 2020 to answer the registration question. Anyone who answers the first question is regarded as duly registered for the competition.
After the registration ends on the 30th of March, Courtroom Mail will release the number of participants that will be eliminated at every stage of the quiz.
The second question will open by 8am on Saturday 11th of April 2020, the participants that qualify will participate in the third question which will open at 8am on Saturday 18th of April 2020. The participants that qualify after the third stage will compete in the grand finale which will take place by 8am on Saturday 2nd of May 2020.

Three winners are expected to emerge and a year’s volume of law reports will be given as prizes to each of the winners.

About Abimbola Akeredolu SAN
Other important things to know about the competition are:

  1. You must answer the registration question to qualify to compete in the competition. This means that no one can join halfway and any winner(s) must have participated in all the stages.
  2. Courtroom Mail runs on GMT+0; so, note that our questions may read 7am while it is actually 8am in Nigeria.
  3. Our questions may be scheduled. If this happens it will bear the date it was scheduled but can only be visible at 8am i.e, the designated time for the competition.
  4. If you answer twice by giving two different answers, you will be out of the competition. If you mistakenly answer twice giving the same answers, you will not be disqualified.
  5. The time and second each participant answers the quiz will be displayed and anyone logged in can see it.
  6. .Remember, it is the fastest fingers and fastest thinkers that win. The questions are easy and simple.
  7. All questions must be answered in the comment section of question(s) posted in the Quiz hall menu.

Click here to see the registration question.

2 thoughts on “Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Courtroom Mail Prize for female lawyers opens

  1. I was one of the winners of this competition last year. I have indeed gained more knowledge through the law reports.

    Thank you Abimbola Akeredolu SAN and Courtroom mail for this opportunity our way again.

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