The Covid pandemic has changed the way we practice and many lawyers despite the ease in lock down still work remotely. Working remotely comes with some advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages for litigation lawyers working from home is not being able to access all resources needed in the course of preparing for a case because most of the physical materials are kept in the office library.

As human rights violations in Nigeria surge, it has consequently led to a surge of Human right cases on the Courts’ cause list. The timing of the book is perfect and it is exciting the legal community for one particular reason. Most Human Rights matters are filed in a hurry and most times lawyers may not have the time to go through many resources required. The book provides almost 100% of what a lawyer needs to prepare a human rights suit from his sitting room. That has really made life easy for lawyers in litigation who are most times forced to take alot of books and law reports home just to prepare one case.

The new book, Casebook on Human rights litigation in Nigeria, focuses on a compilation of leading cases on all salient legal principles and issues affecting fundamental rights enforcement in Nigeria. Written by Frank Agbedo and published by the Unilag Press & Bookshops ltd, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. Foreword by U.A. Ogakwu J.C.A. Justice, Court of Appeal, Lagos Division. No of pages, 1090.
Highlights: The book features a gamut of leading cases on fundamental issues and principles on enforcement of fundamental rights of citizens under our laws, etc, namely;

  1. The meaning, definition and classification of fundamental rights. 2. Limitations to enforcement of fundamental rights. 3. Commencement of Action for enforcement of fundamental rights. 3( i) Who may sue for enforcement of fundamental rights. 3(ii) Whether the Constitutional right to life of a deceased can be enforced by his/ her dependents. 3(iii) Whetter an Application can be filed by more than one person for the enforcement of fundamental rights. 4. The liability of a Public Officer who allows himself to be used by a citizen to commit illegality such as debt recovery or settlement of civil claims. 5. Whether every citizen is duty bound to report the commission of an offence to the Police and the corresponding duty of the Police to investigate it. 6.Whether both the High Court and Federal High Court have concurrent jurisdiction to entertain and determine Fundamental rights Application. 7.Condition Precedent to the exercise of the Courts jurisdiction in an Action for enforcement of fundamental rights. 8. The right of an Applicant to Compensation and Damages in an action for the infringement of his fundamental rights. 9. Whether the Socio-economic rights provided in Chapter II of the constitution are tottally non justiciable in Nigerian Courts. 10. Landmark cases from other jurisdictions. Available for sale, at reduced prices, subject to upward review, post- Covid-19 era, in the following locations.
    Lagos. Crown Law Publishers, 5th flr. Nipost Building, Lewis street, Obalende, Lagos. Phone, 08033254471, Princess Bookshop, Opposite High Court, Igbosere, Lagos. Phone. 08023119311, Richbolade Ventures, Investment House Broad street, Lagos. Phone.08031539458, Moji, Court of Appeal, Lagos. Phone 08026781709, Bose NBA Lagos office. Phone 08029733174. Abuja, Alex Bookshop, FHC premises Maitama. Phone 08144787971. Kano. Barr Umar Isa Sulaiman, Al- Sulh Attorneys, No. 9A, Post office road, Sudan Aiways Building, Kano. Phone. 08065968683.

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